Rivoira Style: February 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Natural Face Beauty Skin Care

Beauty facial is very important especially for a woman. The face is the first thing on the view that people said she was beautiful, she's cute, she's clean and so was the first judgment in the capture of the face, such as diligent assessment of the diet, slim, plump, and so usually falls in the second after the face.

A woman would be more confident if her skin looks clean and well maintained. Not only in women that are proud and confident if you have facial skin clean, smooth and manicured, her partner will also feel proud and happy.

That is why it would be nice if a woman should be diligent and patient in the care and beauty of her facial skin can be happy for him and his partner. Having a dull skin, lack of clean and so would pose no confidence on the woman and her partner as well.

Global warming and modern lifestyle makes facial skin often face unfavorable environmental impacts such as dust, pollution, radiation blistering scorching sun (Ultraviolet), uncertain climate and so on.

Worse yet many women do not realize had made a mistake and thought it would make her skin got better when it brings unfavorable effects on the skin of his face as the excessive use of cosmetics that actually it makes the face look so spotty and dull.

In this forward-paced era we have encountered many a modern facial skin care such as specialized salons, beauty houses, and so on. However, modern facial skin care turns unfavorable impact on the skin for long-term.

Face Natural Beauty can only be obtained with a natural treatment as well. Natural skin care negative impact is also smaller than the modern curing facial skin. The natural way is of course using fruits and other natural ingredients, you can make yourself at home. Although it is quite a hassle, but it is very beneficial for your skin in the long run.

Not infrequently women who have an instant way to get beautiful skin, no one dared to perform Botox injections or even surgery skin. This way is way less good because in addition to the very high costs also impact less good for the skin for long term and short term.

Before you do the first skin care first Know your skin type, your skin is dry, oily, normal or sensitive. Because the way the treatment is also dependent skin type. Do not forget to clean your hands first so that your face is safe from germs and dirt.

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One of the ways of the many ways to tighten facial skin is to use a face mask made with natural ingredients. Take your time once a week or two menggu to make their own natural face mask at home. The following materials need to be prepared to make a facial mask.

    An egg
    Half a tablespoon of lemon juice

Stir both ingredients until well blended tersbut flat. After you finish making the mask material subsequent to apply evenly on your face and let it dry up until a few minutes after your face dries up a few minutes later rinse your face with warm water accompanied special soap for the face, then rinse again with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel.